Porslin Mugg – Dunoon – Cats & Kittens – 0.48L

Dunoon Cats & Kittens Mug Cairngorm Ginger 0.48L

Cairngorm cats & kittens Ginger Mug from Dunoon – Charming and realistic, this cat by Richard Partis. Really cute and playful, these kitten and make the core of any cat music lover Miss A Beat. Motif: Cats and Kittens Ginger also in the cups and on the handle on the inside design: Richard Partis shape of a beaker Cairngorm Material: Fine Bone China Porcelain from Dunoon, is widely regarded as the ultimate porcelain in the world, slightly transparent in appearance and extremely soft, comfortable feel on the inflatable. This lightweight and robust. Dishwasher and microwave safe Height: 10.5 cm Top Diameter: 10 cm Bottom Diameter: 8 cm Volume: approx. 480 ml High quality, made in England.


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