Dubbelvikt kort – Sweet Dreams Kittens – Card & Envelope

Dubbelvikt kort – Daphne Baxter Sweet Dreams Kittens Greeting Card & Envelope by Tree Free

There is no message on the inside of this card.

  • A finely detailed print on an eco-friendly greeting card with a full colour matching envelope
  • Produced using wind and solar energy and 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • Unique Artwork with bold, crisp colour
  • Promotes sustainability
  • Designed in the US but printed in the UK. Sold individually. Each card measure 178 X 127 mm.

The card, printed on tree free paper, measure 178 X 127 mm. Each card has a full colour print on the front and a faded image of the print on the inside. Each envelop has a print that complements the card.


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